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Louis C.K. hates Oklahoma City and likes to make bombing jokes…

10:22 AM EDT on October 10, 2012

Without a doubt, Louis C.K. is one of the best comedians out there. His stand-up act is funny, smart and original. His TV show is funny, smart and original. In fact, everything about the guys seems to be funny, smart and original. I guess you can say he's the anti-Larry the Cable Guy.

Sometimes, though, Louis C.K has some not-so-funny, cringe-worthy moments. People say this happens because he's honest and says what he thinks, but sometimes he's just offensive. Take, for example, this 2006 bit about Oklahoma City that someone recently uploaded to YouTube. In it, he talks about our city's crazy rednecks and suggests that someone blow them all up in a federal building. Hysterically funny, huh?

Here's the clip:

First of all, this isn't the first time that Louis C.K. had made jokes about Oklahoma City. In a comedy special from a few years ago — I can't find the clip — he talked about how he had a one night stand with a hot girl after a show in OKC. He made jokes about how she was way out of his league and how she probably felt gross afterwards. It was kind of funny. If you can find the clip and post it for us, please do so. And if you're the hot girl (and/or know the hot girl) who slept with the ginger troll, email us the details.

Anyway, I kind of agree with Louis C.K. on one point. We do have a bunch of shitty, dumb people in this state. They are uneducated, redneck, backward-thinking theocrats, and before Berry's Boomers took the NBA universe by storm, they dominated our state's national exposure to the masses. Not surprisingly, they are a big reason why so many people around the country have developed a very negative view of our city and state. That and the whole Dust Bowl and tornado thing.

But an Oklahoma City bombing joke? Come on, there's nothing funny about that. Hey, 168 innocent people died in a tragic act of domestic terrorism?! What if we killed other Oklahomans the same way!!! Hardy Har. There's literally no way for any comedian to make the bombing funny. Hell, you can't even point out that Lightning Crashes is a shitty song because of the thing.

That being said, even though Louis' joke offended me, I'm not going to overreact to it and stop being a Louis C.K. fan. I'm aware that when comedians stop pushing the envelope and stop attempting to be funny, we all kind of lose. I'm also aware that I'm from OKC, knew someone who died in the bombing, and because of that, I'm way more sensitive to the joke than the average jackass. Maybe if Louis C.K. stopped by the Memorial instead of banging our hot women, he'd understand that.

Update: I had no clue about this, but apparently Louis C.K. is performing in Tulsa on October 18th at the Brady Theater. That probably explains why someone decided to upload this YouTube clip nearly six years after the fact. I wonder if he will tell the same joke during his performance.

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