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After last night’s debate, I may drink some Nobama Brew

Perhaps you've heard, or maybe you haven't, that a clever Oklahoma brewer out of Tulsa has created a special batch of beer called "Nobama Brew." The beer made some national headlines last week when the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) only approved the beer for sale in the state of Oklahoma. This outraged people like my Uncle Allen in Arizona who thinks the Barack Hussein Obama is a Manchurian Candidate from Kenya who's beset upon destroying freedom, liberty and the pursuit of blowjobs for all.

Fortunately, though, for all the single men who live in small cabins in Idaho and believe that a woman's reproductive organs shut down during cases of legitimate rape, it looks like the TTB screwed up. You can now buy Nobama beer from sea to shining sea.


The federal government has lifted a distribution restriction on a local brewer, allowing him to sell his beer anywhere across the country.

News Channel 4 aired a story about Rick Huebert’s trouble getting his newest novelty beer, Nobama Brew, approved for national distribution by the Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

Less than 24 hours after the story aired, Huebert received a phone call.

“I got a phone call from Washington, from the TTB,” Huebert said. “They called and said, ‘We have approved your paperwork. You’re good for interstate sales.’ It about floored me.”

Tom Hogue with the TTB called News Channel 4 to offer the agency’s side of the story.

“It probably was simply a misunderstanding,” Hogue said. “[The TTB official handling the Nobama application], handles approximately 13,000 label applications a year. He does an extremely good job of trying to help industry members get their product to market.”

Huebert said he still has plenty of distributors outside of Oklahoma ready to buy his beer, adding that he’ll have truckloads ready to ship within days.

Whew, crisis averted. It turns out an overworked and underpaid federal government employee made a mistake. Shocker! Now we can get back to living our lives.

Anyway, after watching last night's debate, I may crack open and chug a can of this stuff. I wonder if that would help me feel better. You see, I'm still kind of disturbed by the Landry Jones-sized egg that President Obama laid last night. It was like watching Little Mac go up against Don Flamenco. Romney came out aggressive and throwing punches while Obama danced around the ring with a rose in his mouth. Granted, Romney also blatantly lied, distorted the facts and distanced himself from his own policies and plans, but still, he dominated that thing.

This whole election is starting to remind of the end of an NFL game. Obama had the lead, the ball, and was trying to run down the clock, but he was stopped on 4th down and had to punt back to Romney. Now the President's stuck playing a prevent defense. He just wants to keep the ball in front of him, not make a mistake and not give up a big play. Yes, that strategy generally works, but how many times have you seen it fail? Why do I get the feeling that Obama's going to have to drive down the field and kick a last-minute field goal (i.e. get dirty in the next debate) to win this thing?

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