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This guy used an iPhone to peep on a friend in the shower

8:00 AM EDT on September 25, 2012

No, the guy pictured above isn't Honey Boo Boo's mom. He's also not a grown-up version of the chubby kid from Stand By Me. That kid grew up to be Jerry O'Connell, and this is guy is DEFINITELY not Jerry O'Connell (or his brother from that boring season of the Bachelor).

This is actually Daniel Ferguson. He's just a disgusting and dedicated pervert who downloaded some sort of iPhone app that would auto-take a bunch of pictures of his BFF while she showered. I think it's the same one Chad showed me at the TLO contributor feast.

From the Tulsa World:

Daniel Parks Ferguson, 19, was arrested on one complaint of peeping Tom with photographic/electronic equipment.

Tulsa County Sheriff’s Officers responded to the call in the 1100 block of west Fourth Street in Sand Springs just after 7 a.m. Saturday.

According to the arrest report, Ferguson was at the woman’s house with another friend when the victim noticed Ferguson’s phone in her room with the camera pointed at her after she had taken a shower.

After getting the access code to the phone, the woman said she found an application on the phone that took pictures every few seconds.

The woman, who said she has been friends with Ferguson for almost 10 years, said he had taken pictures of her in her sports bra before, had tried to find nude photos of her on the Internet and had hacked her social networking and email accounts in the past, but “she thought he would have learned his lesson,” according to the arrest report.

Ferguson allegedly told officers he had taken the photos of the victim and it wasn’t the first time he had done it.

Police said he also admitted to taking pictures of her recently with his phone while she was using the bathroom at his home and in her bedroom while she was changing clothes.

His phone had many pictures of the victim nude and partially clothed, police said.

Ferguson is being held at the Tulsa County Jail without bond.

Nude photos are well, a touchy subject. I've only received a nekkid iPhone mirror shot once. I really dug the dude up until then, but let's be honest--no one, and I mean NOT ONE normal human that falls within the bell curve looks good in the dim, blurry eye of a phone camera lens. About a week later, my nosey friend (or maybe he was just mildly pervy too) rifled through my pictures looking for gems and stumbled upon the said snapshot. I know he sent it to himself (which is pretty creepy and strange in its own right)  but beyond that, I have no idea what happened to the rather scandalous photo of a certain well-known OU frat boy. Accidents happen you guys! I take no responsibility for what may or may not have turned into an unfortunate mishap.

Seriously though--just look at this guy. You know in middle school he was the kind of dude that created Sims characters that looked exactly like him and his female classmates, then made them "roll around" in that heart-shaped bed and hot tub. He probably brushes his teeth in the shower, yanks off using Big Mac grease, and still goes trick or treating in costumes that require a unitard. Hey idiot, you realize you could have just photoshopped this chick's head on top of a random internet nudie from Google, right? Sure it's still creepy, but at least you wouldn't be sitting in jail without bond right now.

This being said, the lady involved seems a few beers short of a party as well. He's harassed her before, yet she still associates with him and even took a shower while he was in her home? When "she thought he had learned his lesson," it's sort of seems like she might be the one that wasn't really using any extrapolative logic. Typically, when I find out that someone I consider a friend has Googled my name plus "hot naked pics" I pretty much discontinue the friendship right then and there. Or hook up with them, because I still believe in the Harry/Sally friendlationship contention. I'm a hopeless romantic at heart, y'all!

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