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Mike Brooks really enjoys working with Jaime Cerreta

9:00 AM EDT on September 19, 2012

Back in July, we told you that Mike Brooks would be the replacement for Andrew Speno at KOKH Fox 25. Here's how I closed my less than enthusiastic post about him:

I’ll still give Mike a chance and watch the first couple of nights he anchors. If anything, it will be fun to see how he responds to Jaime Cerreta’s very large, uhm, cerretas. Will he blatantly try to sneak a peek like Paul Folger did to Schambach, or will he offer to autograph them like Dean Blevins did to Amy McRee. It will be interesting to find out.

In all honesty, I totally forgot to watch Mike the first few nights he was on the air. In fact, I don't think I've watched him anchor one newscast since he's moved to OKC. It's nothing personal. It's just that I'm not in my 50s and can think of plenty of other things to do than watch the local news at 9pm on a weeknight.

That being said thanks to the Ogle Mole Network, we're getting a special glimpse of how Mike is handling his new gig, and more specifically, how he's dealing with Jaime Cerreta's cerretas.

That's kind of weird, but I guess you can't blame the guy. From what Mike Stoops told Al Eshbach who then told a Mole who passed on the word to me, Jaime's cerretas are a lot like the Grand Canyon or pyramids of Egypt. They look nice and big on TV, but they're much more impressive in person. Hell, it's no wonder Steve Lackmeyer meets Jaime in dimly lit places. He's probably that twerp who wants to focus on boring things like conversation.

Anyway, my only critique of Mike is how he handled the situation. Has he never seen huge boobs before? If you took him to Night Trips he'd probably have an epileptic seizure. Act like you've been there before. Or at least pull a Paul Folger and be more confident and direct:

p.s. - That pic of Mike and Jaime is a few weeks old. Someone sent it to me and I may have forgot about it. Stay away from the booze, kids.

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