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Joleen Chaney cheated on Emily Sutton with one of Gary England’s Severe Weather Babes

10:22 AM EDT on September 17, 2012

As Tony noted earlier today, just about anyone and everyone with a Twitter account braved the drizzly (and awesome) weather and ventured out to the State Fair over the weekend. This includes all the employee at KFOR. Apparently the Oklahoma City news channel has a booth where their news anchors, reporters and bedazzled tie wearers sign autographs. Here's a pic from Abigail Ogle's Twitter account:

I'm not a big fan of autographs, but I guess that's cool. My only question is couldn't they have landed a better location than the bomb shelter underneath the Made in Oklahoma building? Seriously, who knew the State Fair had catacombs.

Anyway, one of the KFOR employees noticeably absent from the autograph table was news vixen Joleen Chaney. Instead of signing autographs for underwhelmed children wearing yellow shirts, she rode around on gold carts and ate corn dogs with News 9 weather intern (and Gary England Severe Weather Babe) Shelby Hays.

Yep, you read that right. Joleen went to the State Fair with Shelby Hays and not Emily Sutton or even Bobbie Miller. I'm not sure what to think about this. This kind of reminds of when Walter White starting cooking with the guy who killed the kid with the tarantula. Or at least it kind of does. I'm a sucker for Breaking Bad references.

Here are some pics.

I'm having difficulty figuring out the best part of the picture. Is it Joleen Chaney's "Saturday Night Fever" pose? Is it the look on the face of Officer Goobersmirk? Or it is it the lesbian couple with the matching pink shirts, blue jeans and white New Balance walking shoes. Let them marry!


You know how there's always that one cop on the force who is a dangerous deranged pervert who pulls over sorority girls just to watch them cry? Well, I'd give you 5/1 odds that this cop is that guy. And no, I'm not just writing that because I'm insanely bitter or jealous.


Yeah, corn dogs are pretty gross. Know what else is gross? Bob Barry Jr. just printed a copy of this photo and put it on his fridge.


Anyway, those are three pics from JoJo and ShelShel's excursion to the state fair. At first I was kind of concerned that Joleen and Emily had broken up or got into a fight over who gets to dream about me, but then I noticed this twit pic from the Greek Festival that Emily posted on Saturday night. It made me feel warm and fuzzy and want a gyro:

OPA! Order is restored to the universe!

p.s. - I actually went to the Greek Festival on Saturday night and unfortunately missed seeing this event in person. Instead, I got to witness ESPN OU beat writer Jake Trotter serve flaming cheese to Jenni Carlson. I guess you can say I missed out.

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