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Uh oh, Ali Meyer is winning a PRSA award

8:00 AM EDT on September 13, 2012

Even though she's on the air way too early for us, we kind of like KFOR's Ali Meyer. She's deceptively hot, has a good sense of humor, and — according to Bob Barry Jr.'s telescope — likes to sunbathe in the nude. Hell, she even gave us a veiled shout out during the February 2011 Winter Weather Snowpocalypse.

Here's the clip:

That's all nice and everything, but we have recently unearthed some disturbing news. Ali's been named the Clarus Award winner by the Public Relations Society of Oklahoma City. Here's video from KFOR of Ali being surprised with news by a couple of PRSA girls:

Hahahah! That's great. The PRSA is giving out awards for "fairness" in reporting. Why am I just now learning about this? It would be like the Oklahoma Society of Pharmaceutical Reps honoring a physician for "fairness in prescribing medication" or a lobbyist group handing out a "Lawmaker of the Year" award.

You see, I dabbled in public relations in a past life, and the last thing a PR person wants is a reporter to be fair. We really just want them to read our press releases, give our clients positive coverage, and list our company's new hires in the "Business People" section. Journalists who actually care about their jobs are annoying. Thankfully there aren't that many left. I think they all moved into PR so they could make money.

Anyway, maybe we should start making up random awards to get us on TV. I say we call them the Clark Matthews Achievement Awards. Not only will they get us some free publicity, but they'll also give us an excuse to bring Emily Sutton and Joleen Chaney some balloon bouquets. I bet they'd love that.

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