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Tulsa mayor announces what we all suspected: they want to be like OKC

By Tony

10:00 AM EDT on September 12, 2012

It's a tale as old as time: you pass a one-cent sales tax to build some stuff downtown and have a rich guy steal a basketball team, and suddenly all these other cities just won't stop sucking up to you. It happened to me three times just last week. It's like, UGH, COME ON, cities, leave me alone!

First El Paso was singing the praises of OKC, and now Tulsa finally comes clean and admits that deep down, yes, what they really want to be just like us. From the Tulsa World:

"We can look down the turnpike to Oklahoma City as an example," (Tulsa Mayor Dewey) Bartlett said during the noon Tulsa Metro Chamber-sponsored luncheon at the Tulsa Convention Center.

That city's successful, long-standing Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPs) initiative is now in its third wave of public improvement projects.

"Mayor (Mick) Cornett, we continue to look to you and Oklahoma City for inspiration as a leading example of rebirth, renewal and breaking new ground," Bartlett said.

"You've turned Oklahoma City into a destination, and we are so proud to be your sister city."

Wow. In case you wonder where Mick Cornett's disappeared to, he's sitting at home with the lights turned down, drinking a glass of Merlot, and playing that audio on repeat over and over.

Seriously, I'm sure there are some ideas they can get from OKC, but Tulsa seems like a cool city that's moving in the right direction on their own. They have many positive attributes. It's no El Paso, that's for sure! Am I right, people? Surely we can all come together, not as Oklahoma Citians or as Tulsans, but as Oklahomans, to make fun of El Paso.

Really, though, there is lots to like about Tulsa. For instance, TLO's own Chelsea comes from there. She's pretty neat. And what about Quiktrip? That's way better than 7-11. Also, the Brady Theater is there. Oklahoma City has nothing like that. I contacted the Brady Theater for comment on this post, but received no response, because it is a building.

Another great thing about Tulsa is that when I drive there I can stop at that McDonald's that's in the middle of the interstate halfway there and think to myself, "Here I am stopping at that McDonald's halfway between Oklahoma City and Tulsa again!" Every Oklahoman knows that experience, and without Tulsa, that just wouldn't be possible. In that regard, we truly are sister cities.

So chin up, Tulsa! We'll help out when we can, but you should keep doing your own thing. Don't worry about being the metaphorical Ashlee Simpson to our Jessica, because in that situation, no one wins.


Tony is a co-founder and Editor Emeritus at The Lost Ogle. He gave himself that title. Don't tell Patrick. Follow him on Twitter here.

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