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Did Ancient Aliens have a secret base camp at Lake Hefner?

See that image above? That's a "mysterious" rock formation built by either aliens, architects or druids that some dude discovered via Google Maps. We know the rock formation is mysterious because Channel 4 is desperate for viewers and said it was. Fortunately, they sent their ace reporter, Adam Dueweke, to the scene to investigate.

Here's what we learned:

After the water level dropped at Lake Hefner, a mysterious rock formation was discovered in the sand.

Fisherman Mike Fair said, “I noticed it last year when the lake was this low. I just came out one day and walked right by it, right through it, and there it was.”

A viewer sent News Channel 4 photos of the mysterious rocks on the bottom of the lake.

One person said it looked like a crop circle underneath the water.

All the rocks are strategically placed and appear to be an image.

Steve Stovall with Rees Associates said, “It’s a scissor-tailed flycatcher”.

Stovall works on the third floor of the Rees Plaza in the East Wharf on Lake Hefner.

The architects design buildings and apparently like to window watch.

Stovall said, “We look out our window and we see people out there wandering around looking at the rocks and trying to figure it out because it doesn’t look as cool down there as it does from this high.”

Last Summer when the water level dropped, Stovall and his co-workers drew up the blueprints for the large scissor-tailed flycatcher made out of stone.

I don't know about you, but doesn't this seem a bit fishy? Seriously, which scenario seems more logical:

1. A group of bored architects constructed a gigantic scissor-tailed flycatcher formation with stones just to screw with local fisherman and lonely men who spend their days looking at Lake Hefner on Google Maps.

2. Ancient Aliens visited Oklahoma City thousands of years ago and had the intuition to bury a spacecraft in the shape of what would eventually become our state bird at the site of a future reservoir.

OK, I guess Number 1 is more plausible, so screw those architects and their stupid blueprints. I hope they get stuck designing future Love's Country Store bathrooms for the rest of their lives.

Seriously, I really wish that was an alien vessel. That would definitely make us a big league city. Plus, maybe the aliens would return in the future and steal our legislature or something. I think we'd all be fine with that.

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