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Mailbag: Tropical Storm Isaac Weather Dong Edition

1:09 PM EDT on August 24, 2012

Welcome to the Friday Mailbag!

First of all, I'm sticking with the theme of posting some of my favorite OU highlights. Although the Roy Williams leap is more recognizable, this is my favorite play in the history of OU football. The perfect season was on the line, the defense had struggled all day, and the rest of the country was beginning to figure out OU's spread offense. In fact, after this game OU averaged only 19 points in victories against Tech, OSU, Kansas State and Florida State.

Anyway, I remember watching this game at my grandparents. Everyone was depressed. It was like we were watching a funeral on live TV. OU was down by 10 in the 4th quarter after making Jamar Tombs looking like Earl Campbell, and it looked like the dream season was coming to an end. Then Heupel willed the Sooners down for a touchdown, and on the very next play from scrimmage, Marshall stamped his ticket in the Sooner Magic and YouTube Chills Hall of Fame. OU went from being down 10 to being up by four and everyone, including Josh Heupel's fake dad that they kept showing in the stands, started to get the feeling that the 2000 squad was a team of destiny.

Anyway, football season needs to hurry up and get here. We didn't get a bunch of good emails this week, so I'm only going to share one. It's of KJRH (Tulsa) weatherman Taft Price and his Tropical Storm Isaac Weather Dong. If you enjoy juvenile dick humor, you'll like it.

Yeah, that's a pretty good one.

Anyway, if you ever have a thought, question, or comment about how terrible we are, send us an email or use the contact us page. Have a nice weekend.

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