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2012 Worst of OKC: Morning Radio Team

Joel didn't want to write this one. This is because he's lazy, probably drunk off Chimay and knows every single nominee in this category. Therefore, I'm stuck doing it.

Anyway, voting for a worst Morning Radio Team is kind of like voting for your favorite MTV show or brand of black licorice. They all suck. Good luck.

Joey and Heather

WILD 104.9 is like BET got entrusted to some people they found at a Dave Matthews show. Truth be told I don't have problem one with Joey & Heather. Sure, it's a bunch of white "kids" selling urban music to 14 year old girls, but they aren't bad at it. That's a tough job.


The Morning Animals

Back when I had a real job and would have to drive to work in the morning, I'd listen to the Morning Animals. They weren't very good, but they weren't terrible. The Tony Dorhutt thing was funny 10 years ago. I bet they still use it.


Jack and Ron

I haven't done the research, but if Jack and Ron win this category they may be the first to ever win an Oklahoma Gazette Best of OKC and TLO Worst of OKC in the same category in the same year. But don't let that influence your vote or anything.


Rick and Brad

Rick & Brad are an Oklahoma staple. Well, an Oklahoma/Arizona staple. From what I understand Rick has lived in Arizona for years now. I'm sure he moved with the forty bucks he made after he directed the Jennifer Ferguson blockbuster Sam & Janet. The bad thing about him phoning it in is whenever Brad is on a roll, and being really funny, Rick with the be the consummate bit killer. Here's an example.

BRAD: So I was watching Letterman this week...

RICK : [Interrupting] So my daughter did a thing!

It kills any and all chemistry anyone on the show has. I'm sure he's a nice guy but a Rickless KATT wouldn't be the worst thing. Would it?


TJ, Janet and J-Rod

I feel bad for TJ. He's got the unenviable task of trying to keep Janet from talking over J-Rod while listening to the same Taylor Swift song 14 times in an hour. You can always tell Janet tries to out joke J-Rod then TJ has to put his foot down so the show can move beyond soccer mom follies. I'm not pointing any fingers Janet's way but sometimes letting people who are probably funny just be funny would avoid a whole lot of what sounds like that girl in the back of the class who thought she was funny because she was loud. We all get it. Simmer down. It's ok.


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