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2012 Worst of OKC: Worst Douche Bag

When it comes to things like voting on an obscure local blog, people love to name their favorite douchebag. Of all the categories we threw at you last year, this category got the biggest response with over a million* votes. Instead of wasting your time with inane banter, I'll let all of you get started with voting.

*I was home schooled so any number after twenty I assume is a million. - JDD

Wayne Coyne, Musician

Wayne Coyne was on this list long before the story broke about his being a philandering douchebag. He was someone who used to front an amazing band who made amazing songs and put on amazing shows. Over the last decade he's morphed into a parody of what I'm sure he always feared he'd become. Someone's cheating ex-husband? No. WC has become an obnoxious version of a once promising artist. Oh wow! An inflatable ball?! Glitter?! Another version of "Race For The Prize?!"Okay. What's next? Maybe another Pink Floyd cover album.

The problem with Wayne is he turned "What next?" into "Not again." Just stop it Wayne. We get it. I just hope he finds an inflatable hamster ball that's divorce lawyer proof. I think that's what he was looking for when he was cleaning out The Womb when I saw him last night. Oddly "cleaning out the womb" is what got him in trouble in the first place.


Anthony David, Stylist & Entrepreneur 

Anthony David is the owner of hair salons, a hair academy and a modeling agency.

I was in Bricktown once talking to this amazing woman and Anthony David walked up, told her she had split ends, then put a roofie* in her drink. I never saw that girl again. I'm sorry. That wasn't Anthony David at all. It was some other guy with a soul patch and inflated ego who wreaked of Cool Water and douchebag. If I had hot women flocking to my overpriced academies because I promised them they'd make a ton of money styling hair, I'd probably stick with the soul patch, weird haircut, and Garanimal suits too. A guy like that running a chain of hair styling schools is like an armless man running juggling academies. To make it worse, the models at his agency do not provide an escort service. Good on ya Tony D.


Price Fallin, President of Giva Guya Blowa (FIJI) Fraternity

"Brah. My mom's the governor or something now. Hells yeah she's got a big ass house we can party in. Whatever, brah. I ain't worried, brah. She says it's super cool to have a kegger there. It's totally gonna be sick. We've got tons of babes, tons of beer, and we can do whatever we want. Brah, security is not a problem. No worries, brah. No worries at all. Brah."


Jack McBride, So6ix Magazine Publisher

So6ix magazine is the equivalent of a church bulletin if the church you went to involved random Thunder players, hot chicks and the illiterate. It's like Highlights for Douchebags. It's free, you never intend on keeping a copy and it's probably covered with something communicable. And this guy is the publisher of it. He's also a major douche bag. He's the only returning finalist from last year, which is saying a lot.


Ryan Tate, CEO of Tate Publishing

Ryan Tate is the guy who prayed with, and then fired, 25 employees because they were concerned their jobs were being sent to India Philippines. If you forgot how terrible the audio of that call was, go listen to it again. It's Douche Bag 101. The sad thing about this guy is he truly thinks he's doing a good thing by being a dick. He sounds like he's 13 and doesn't look to be much taller. He must treat his close friends great. "Hey. Stupid. I love you but you're making me stab in you in the face. I know I said I wasn't gonna do it. But you're wrong. Now get your face ready for a stabbing. Idiot."


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