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These assholes shot a dog and kidnapped a puppy

8:00 AM EDT on August 21, 2012

With the varying opinions on everything from frat boys to Wayne Coyne, lately it seems as though the Lost Ogle has been a bit of a bloodbath. Although some of you may argue that these serious issues indeed deserve heated, CAPS LOCKED COMMENTARY, I'm fairly certain that all of the overwhelming aggression we're experiencing is directly correlated to how many days it's been since the last time we watching a college football game. Well my friends, that wait is finally over. Before we all start griping to our cubical neighbors about Landry Jones's merits or Boone Picken's way of looming over Mike Gundy as if he were the team's owner, let's chit chat about a subject that we can ALL agree upon: criminals are bad, and a group of criminals is even worse. Especially ones who shoot dogs and kidnap puppies

From News On 6:

Tulsa Burglary Victim Says Men Shot Her Dog, Stole A Puppy

TULSA, Oklahoma - Four Tulsa men were arrested for burglarizing a woman's house and shooting her dog to death Saturday evening.

Deedra Taylor, who was not home at the time of the burglary, told News On 6 the dog was just trying to protect her property. She said it is very hard to explain what happened to her kids, and a puppy is still missing.

Taylor credited aware neighbors for helping to apprehend the burglars.

Police arrested four men in connection to the burglary and say a fifth man is still on the loose.

"As the police said, if it wasn't for... the neighbor, he ran after him," Taylor said. "If it wasn't for him, they wouldn't have caught [them]. I don't know why he did it. He's awesome. I don't know how to thank him either."

Dominique Wilson, 21; Tyler Prince, 19; Dwayne Demons, 18; and Lloyd Trotter, 20, are in Tulsa County Jail on complaints of burglary, cruelty to animals, and resisting arrest.

Let me clarify one quick thing. Neither the News on 6 video or story mentions anything about a puppy being kidnapped. It's located in the headline only. Was that nothing but a quick ruse to get more readers? I hope so, because it totally worked on me and I'm rolling with it!

Killing a dog and stealing a puppy are pretty much two of the meanest things a person can ever do. What else to these punks do with their spare time? Spike baby food with Sriracha? Push old ladies in wheelchairs down steep hills? Slip needles into fun-sized Three Musketeers and plant them outside of elementary schools?

Seriously you guys: if you're going to commit a heinous crime, at least purloin something pawnable. Don't just come over and f--- up someone's life for no tangible reason. How selfish, sinister, and well--gratuitous! This is kind of like throwing away a perfectly good cheesecake at a family gathering because you're on a diet, or not allowing gay people to marry because you religion doesn't endorse it oh wait sorry guys, I promised no controversy. Call me crazy, but it just seems like common logic for a perpetrator to at least want a stereo or laptop or Faberge egg out of the deal.

Pragmatic reasons aside, uh didn't Ted Bundy, Dexter and the older brother from Hanson kidnap and kill domestic pets in their youth? People who hate dogs aren't to be trusted. Cat lovers though--well that's a whole different story.

Anyways, if you see any stray pups running about, there's still a pretty good chance that you're not taking in a blood diamond dog. But if you do see that runaway fifth culprit anywhere, you should probably call CrimeStoppers or Russ McCaskey whoever. This guy is trouble for certain. I just bought the Hunger Games DVD and that orphan from Orphan didn't escape me for a minute. Once a killer always a killer, believe you me.

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