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2012 Worst of OKC: News Channel

8:00 AM EDT on August 16, 2012

This is gonna be tough. This is like picking your ugliest child. Sure, there's a special place in your heart for all of them, but if you took a closer look at each one you'd realize one of them is the worst. I know this is true because every year I've been alive I received the "Ugliest Son" award from my parents. I was an only child. Comedy!

So vote now and vote often for the worst news channel. You can do it.

KFOR Channel 4 (NBC)

They employ the best looking weather person in the state. They employ her too. They are the best looking news team in the city. The downside is they lost Bobbie Miller, they are the reason the 2 Movie Guys are a thing and they have commercials with the star of "Rad" and a guy who laughs. That's not a marketing ploy, that's just kind of sad. "I wanna watch the tumblin' man and a background laugher!" I'm not sure that makes KFOR the worst, but it doesn't help.


KOCO Channel 5 (ABC)

Channel 5 News is like watching a college newscast only with much older people, way more experience, but that same awkward, first time in front of the camera feel every college newscast is lousy with. They also make their anchors sit uncomfortably close to each other at the news desk. There'd be more room if they shot it in the last row of a Southwest Airlines Flight. Still, they've got Jessica "Scham-Wow" Schambach.  I'm not sure that's enough.


KWTV Channel 9 (CBS)

Channel 9 is the preferred local news of anyone over 60. Having visited everyone in OKC over 60, I know. They do have Gary England on the payroll. They also jacked Bobbie Miller and Jim Gardner from KFOR. Syrup magnates are apparently some pretty persuasive mofos. The awkward nature of their second-tier weather people is pretty brutal however. And let's go ahead and put "My Two Cents" to rest already. I get it. Thing that upset old people happened so let's devoted time to it. That's what the comment sections of the internet are for. (See Below)


KOKH Channel 25 (FOX)

The FOX 25 newscast is akin to having a child watch a better produced newscast then recount that newscast.  Way too many chuckles at nothing funny, what I can assume is the world's least dependable tele-prompter and the worst human interest pieces ever produced make for the most consistently mediocre newscast of all time. Airing the Speno out of the place didn't seem to improve things either. Maybe they should just bring back Lauren Richardson so her and Dueweke can spend from 9pm-11pm every night eating ice cream on camera. It would be much better and so very entertaining.

KSBI Channel 52 

KSBI has a newscast? That's not a thing is it? Hang on...let me check. It's not. Screw them, we're leaving them off the poll.


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