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Some UFOs flew over Norman or something (video)

9:30 AM EDT on May 7, 2012

This past weekend was kind of cool.

On Friday night, we partnered up with Royce from Daily Thunder and fielded a team at the Tree and Leaf Dodge Ball tournament. It was the first time I had played dodgeball since elementary school, and despite the fact that I got drilled in the head a couple of times and also need Tommy John surgery on my right arm, it was pretty fun.

Then on Saturday we had our big birthday party at The 51st St. Speakeasy. If you're a fan of drunken revelry, tomfoolery and Abigail Ogle, it was pretty bad ass. I learned that girls really like rappers, Chad really likes Chelsea's sister, and brisket quesadillas are delicious. I also discovered that when your bar tab exceeds your monthly car payment, you should probably go ahead and expect a massive two-day hangover.

Anyway, none of that has nothing to do with this, but here's a YouTube video of some UFOs flying over Norman back in April:

I don't know about you, but I just placed three glasses of water inside every room of my house. I also gave Cardboard Jim a baseball bat and told him to "swing away" if we have any trouble. That should keep me safe and give me plenty of time to get back to nursing this hangover and dodge ball injuries.

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