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The Bikini Hockey League is having a casting call in Tulsa

9:00 AM EDT on April 24, 2012

Yesterday, Chelsea and I made a little agreement. I would let her write about the creepy guy who sneaked into the OU sorority house to wear panties and shower, and in turn, she would let me cover the Bikini Hockey League having a casting call in Tulsa. Fair trade, right?

From the Bikini Hockey League website:

Bikini Hockey League is coming to Tulsa, Oklahoma! Bikini Hockey League is looking for outgoing and energetic girls for the filming of the pilot of the new Bikini Hockey League reality show. For more information on the casting call and to be considered, please click on the button below and submit the following:

• Headshot
• Full length front in Bikini
• Full length back in Bikini
• Name & email address

You will be contacted via email with more information on your scheduled casting time.

If having diffuculty, please submit to

That looks like a cool idea. Other than Mayor Cornett, who doesn't want to watch a bunch of bikini clad girls skating around on the ice and occasionally checking each other into the boards?

Anyway, I decided to do a little internet research to see what I could find out about the Bikini Hockey League. I wanted to read about the league's history, see what other cities are having casting calls and maybe check out what type of pads the goalies wear. After a couple of Google searches and a Whois lookup, this is what I learned:


The only thing I could find online about the Bikini Hockey League were a couple of CraigsList ads for the Tulsa casting call. The Oklahoma City ad was posted by some guy affiliated with this hockey jersey website. So go for it ladies, send your head shots and full length bikini photos to some random faceless people on the internet who are "filming" a pilot for a reality show in Tulsa of all places. That doesn't seem a little bit shady or off or anything. I'm sure it's legitimate. In fact, it's so legitimate that you should probably send the pictures to us, too. You know, to be safe and everything.

Anyway, even though I'm a bit skeptical about the legitimacy of the Bikini Hockey League and the mysterious casting call, I hope it works out. If Tulsa gets a team, Oklahoma City would certainly follow. Hell, I'd even apply to own a franchise. We could play games at the Blazer's Ice Center. The team would be called the Oklahoma City Pink Bikinis or the Valley Brook Strippers. Either one would work

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