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Yes, Channel 4 has a new chopper pilot. Yes, Jim Gardner is moving to Channel 9.

9:00 AM EDT on March 27, 2012

Hi new reader! How are you? You're at a website called The Lost Ogle (AOL Keyword: TheLostOgle). Don't worry, we're not a real Ogle brother. But still send us your 'Rants.'  We love those.

Anyway, you are here because you learned Bob Moore Chopper 4 pilot Jim Gardner has been replaced by some dude named Jon Welsh. Yes, Channel 4's new pilot spells his named "Jon." He's one of those guys. Don't worry, though. Jim Gardner is moving over to Channel 9 and will become one of Gary's chief disciples. Hopefully his first action as captain of Sky News HD will be to change its name back to Ranger 9.

Anyway, you would have known all this if you were a regular reader of this site. We were all over it back in July of 2011:

Well, it looks like some helicopter drama is unfolding over the Oklahoma City metro.

We have learned that Bob Moore Chopper 4 pilot Jim Gardner will be leaving Channel 4 to take over the piloting duties for Channel 9. Gardner will replace Mason Dunn...

Here's what else we (possibly) learned:

Rumor 1:
Jim Gardner has been given a “lifetime” contract at KWTV. That puts him in the same company as Gary England, Mike Krzyzewski and Rit Mathis.

Rumor 2:
Bob Moore was paying something to the tune of $30,000 dollars per month for the naming rights to the chopper. For $30,000 a month, Bob Moore can rename this website

Rumor 3:
Jim Gardner may take that Bob Moore sponsorship with him to Channel 9. And if KFOR fails to find a new sponsor for their chopper, they may abandon their chopper program much like NASA grounded the shuttle program … only minus the fanfare and trumpeting.

We still don't know if any of those rumors are true, but it doesn't matter. Channel 4 has a new guy named Jon and Channel 9 has the guy who everyone will be watching in May. Now that you know that, I do have one question for you.

Why do you care?!! These are helicopter pilots for stupid news stations!!! It doesn't matter!!! You'll just flip through the stations anyway!!! Get a life!!!

Thanks, have a nice day!

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