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Friday Mailbag: Janet Barresi Freedom 43 Blog Advisor

Each Friday we publish some of the better emails we receive in the Ogle in-box each week. We then let our readers vote for the best one. Who ever sends us the one that gets the most votes wins a $25 Gift Certificate to Kaiser's American Bistro. Cool, huh?

Anyway, to this week's questions:

James asks:

After reading and enjoying your blog for quite some time, I was wondering if you could share any drops of wisdom with the world on how to start/maintain/grow a successful blog? 

Outside of the obvious things like knowing how to write a proper sentence, tactfully promoting yourself and posting over-photshopped pictures of your kids and basset hound, here are three tips:

Write for yourself. When we started this website, none of us planned for it to grow into the obscure local social blog it is today. We just thought it would be fun something fun to do.  The fact that other people seem to enjoy (or hate) it is just icing on the Clark Matthew's cup cake.

Write every weekday. This is probably the most important thing to do. You need to have a post every day of the work week, because most people only read blogs and stuff while they are at work at school. Screw the weekend, though. You'd think blogs have pink eye and the swine flu on the weekend.

Irritate Jim Traber. It's worked for us.


Uptown James writes:

I haven't seen much about Channel 43 on here, but I can understand because it's so terrible and not worth the time. However, I decided to watch it tonight, March 21st, to see what they did about some of the 45th soldiers coming home. I couldn't believe the one station that claims to be specifically FOR military and family dropped the ball on this. They didn't show any news about these soldiers coming home until after a commercial break and even then it was the second story in that section. They showed some story about horses in the first section of the news instead of the story about Oklahoma soldiers coming home! And the story after the break that was put on before this was about a soldier coming home in North Dakota. HELLO 43 NEWS WE HAD THE SAME TYPE OF STORY HERE TODAY!!! All I can say is epic fail for 43 news and I would love to know what other lost ogle readers think.

Well, I think most readers would think what I think. Why are you watching Channel 43?  It's so terrible and not worth the time.


Brett writes:

I sincerely apologize for my rude and crass vulgarity in my tweets yesterday. It was inappropriate, unnecessary and uncalled for. I ask for forgiveness from those that are my friends, family, colleagues and those that know me for the embarrassment I have caused, and especially to Rachel.

Wait. I think we already published that one.


Kelli writes:

I am an angered parent that is not very happy with Janet Barresi. I have written a poem comparing her to the Grinch that Stole Christmas, but so far, I am the only one that finds it amusing. I would like to attach it and send it to you, but I will have to blank out my daughter's name or ask that if you see it that it could be changed somehow.

I am not a professional writer, I'm a former teacher who hates Janet Barresi, and I found that I agreed with several comments that your site has made about this fascist dictator. Let me know if you'd be interested in reading my version of the Grinch.

I won't send it now, but if you are interested, I will. I am just a smart alec mother who has a child that's been caught in this deceitful web that has been woven by this poisonous state superintendent.

Thank you,


One of my many qualities is that I don't have kids, so I don't really care about Janet Barresi too much. In fact, I'm kind of happy she ran for State School Superintendent and not some other office where she could screw with the good things in life like beer, sports and girls with really large breasts.

All that being said, remember that controversial "slush fund" discovered in the education department by State Auditor Gary Jones? Well, apparently it wasn't as bad and illegal as we thought. In fact, it's even been revealed that Janet Barresi has her own slush fund ((NewsOK.comOkieFunk). Of course, Barresi's is okay because she's a Republican and everything.

p.s. - We've only published one poem in the history of this site. We'll probably keep things that way.


Patrick writes:

You should probably remind people to send their mailbag emails to Let them know they can win a $25 Gift Certificate to Kaiser's American Bistro if there email is voted as the best.

Good idea. We didn't get too many emails this weeks. So if you have any two-cents, rants or questions you'd like to see featured in the mailbag, email them to us. If not, we may have to bring back the Justice League of Oklahoma. Yes, that's a threat.


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