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This is a decent time lapse video of the Devon Tower construction

I drove down to the Dallas - Ft. Worth metroplex yesterday to see some family, catch a Stars game and get a much-needed, albeit brief, break from the land of fetus food and embryonic citizens. Because of that, I originally planned on taking today off...but then I woke up to see a post about the top 15 guards in Oklahoma State basketball history since 1990 or something.

Yeah, here's a time-lapse video of the damn Devon Tower being built.

Man, I really want to write a gigantic cock or Steve Lackmeyer erection joke here but it's just to easy. Plus, the only thing that gives Steve Lackmeyer erections right now is Brian Winkeler and that video from the Addies.

Anyway, I'll guess I'll get back to my 24-hour vacation now. If you get bored, send us some emails for the mailbag tomorrow.

p.s. - How did Glendon Alexander not make Clark Matthew's list? He got robbed, which I guess is kind of ironic.

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