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Christal Bennett really doesn’t like it when you put snakes around her neck

7:00 AM EST on March 1, 2012

Last week Channel 25's morning show Joe Gumm's Super-Happy Funhouse sent Christal Bennett to something called "DW's Exotic Animal Park" in Weatherford. At first I thought they were talking about DW's porn store just south of the border, but it turns out DW's Animal Park and DW's porn store are very different things. Who knew!?

Anyway, things were going fine for Christal Bennett until some guy decided to surprise her by putting a snake around her neck. Her reaction was, well, see for yourself:


That is the reaction of pure, unadulterated terror right there. It's not often you see actual tears of fright from a reporter on television. I thought it would be good to get that initial look in gif form:

Seriously, I could watch that all day. If you really look at it, it looks like she's actually screaming out "WHHHHYYYYY!?!?" Nancy Kerrigan-style. In reality, she is saying something like "eeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEmmmmmphhh."

Anyway, this brings me to my new Lost Ogle series: Christal Bennett Reacting To Things. I'll give a headline, and Christal Bennett will give her immediate reaction to it.

An Asteroid Is Headed Towards Earth And May Hit Us


Al Eschbach Will Be The Coverboy On The March Issue Of Playgirl


Construction On The I-44/I-235 Interchange Is Expected To Take Another Two Years


KOKH's Christal Bennett Receives Racist Letter From Fake Darnell Mayberry


Sally Kern Announces Intention To Run For Governor


And that it's for the first edition of Christal Bennett Reacting To Things! Many thanks to Christal Bennett and that guy with the snake for their unwitting participation. Follow me on twitter here. Good bye!

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