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The Chiefs of Staff for Mary Fallin and James Lankford got in a Facebook hissy fit

On Sunday morning, an Ogle Mole alerted us an odd Facebook exchange between Denise Northrup, the Chief of Staff for Governor Mary Fallin, and Randy "Fire Marshall Bill" Swanson, the Chief of Staff for Congressman James Lankford.

It started when Northrup commented on a Facebook link to a KOCO story about an SNU student being stabbed at Lake Overholser. The student was apparently giving free pizza to the homeless so he could preach to them. In response to the news story, she (accurately) snarked on Facebook:

Denise brings up a good point. Even for an SNU student, bringing a homeless man a pizza is a pretty lame way to spend Saturday night. The dude should have just stayed in his dorm room and did what other SNU students do, like sleep, watch TV or fantasize about foreplay.

Northrup's irreverent little comment didn't set to well with Randy Swanson. He's an SNU graduate and the Chief of Staff for Congressman James Lankford. Here's a screen shot of a now-deleted exchange that developed on Facebook:

I don't know about you, but that Swanson guy seems like a two-faced douche bag. First, he overreacted to Northrup's semi-funny comment with a rude post telling her to watch the cynicism. Then, within a span of 10 minutes, he preaches to her, talks down to her, and shows his love for her. He also instructs her to be more cautious on Facebook.

Maybe instead of being such a douche, Swanson should lighten up and get a little more cynical and flippant. His boss is a youth pastor turned church camp director turned US Congressman. You'd think being cynical and flippant would be part of Swanson's daily routine.

Also, what Denise Northrup quipped wasn't even that bad. It's tame compared to what assholes like me think. Hell, if I were a homeless guy on meth, I probably would have stabbed the student, too. At least then I wouldn't have to listen to him preach or eat a $5 Hot N' Ready pizza. In fact, stabbing an SNU student seems like a fun way to spend a Saturday night. See you all at the dam next weekend.

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