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The new I-40 is kind of boring

I know this happened last week, but a portion of the new I-40 is finally open. For you out-of-towners, the "new" I-40 will replace the old "very dangerous yet exhilarating to cross" I-40 Crosstown Bridge that runs east and west to the south, but not north, of downtown OKC. Sorry, for adding that confusing sentence, I just wanted to use one that include all four cardinal directions.

Last Friday I took a drive on the highway just for the Hell of it. My's kind of boring. The only thing that makes it special is that freaky ass bridge that will cause many traffic accidents over the next 50 - 75 years. Other than that, it's like any other new North American highway.

That being said, I wish my drive was as calm, soothing and orderly as this weird ODOT video of the inaugural drive.

Where'd they find that music?! A Dutch rave? As a reader pointed out on Twitter, the video would have sounded much better and been a whole lot cooler if they used this audio instead:

Anyway, I guess it's good that the new highway is open. Downtown doesn't look as cool as it did/does on the crosstown bridge, but who really cares. Driving over the old crosstown was/is scarier than being alone at 122nd and Penn after midnight. We'll get used to the tall buildings looking different as we drive by.

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