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Amy McRee got a nice little bonus when she left Channel 9

I know it’s been over a year since Amy McRee left News 9 for the seashells and sunshine of California, but we were recently emailed some information about her departure that’s too good not to share. It involves things like the county assessor website, $45,000 and even Wes Welker’s parents.

Here are the details:

• In September of 2003, Amy McRee bought a modest "starter home" (picture above) in Nichols Hills for $199,000. Oddly enough, she purchased the home from Wes Welker's parents. That's probably just a coincidence.

• In October of 2010, which was around the same time it was announced Amy was leaving, the holding company of News 9 and News 6 — Griffin Communications —purchased Amy’s house for $320,000! Yes, $320,000. If you do the simple math, that is a 60% increase in value in just 7 years. It also means Amy made at least a $120,000 profit in the sale.

• In March of 2011, just six months after Griffin Communications purchased the home, they sold it for $275,000. If you include a 6% realty fee and six-months worth of maintenance costs, they took a loss of around $60,000 on the deal.

*all of the $$$$ info came from the Oklahoma County Assessor's page.

Yeah, the Griffins may want to stay out of the real estate business. They bought Amy McRee’s house for $320,000 and then sold it six months later for $275,000. I took accounting classes at Oklahoma City Community College and even I know that's a bad deal.

If you ask me, I bet they thought the home was worth more because Wes Welker lived and peed there or something. They probably swept the floor of the bedrooms with some hi-tech vacuum cleaner looking from Graham Colton's sperm. Or, maybe they just really really really wanted to get rid of Amy McRee. That's seems more logical.

My only question then is why buy her home? I've heard of companies purchasing an employee’s residence before, but that’s usually a special courtesy reserved for hot-shot new hires or executive transfers who are relocating from or to another city. Hell, even then it’s rare. I’ve never heard of a business buying the home of an employee that they wish would quit! Unless, of course, that employee has pictures of the owners involved in an orgy with the Mathis brothers. In that case, all bets are off.

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