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R & R Jewelry has the perfect Christmas gift for the anti-Semite in your family

Last night, local comedian and "Saved by the Bell" superfan Joel Decker sent us this pic from a local TV commercial for R & R Estate Jewelry. Oddly (and sadly) enough, he said the commercial aired during that show about Gypsies on TLC.

Yep, R&R Estate Jewelry offers the Metro's finest selection of old clocks...and one painfully obvious shiny gold swastika.

I'm not sure what's more concerning.  Is it the fact that R&R Estate Jewelry sells collectors swastikas, or is it that nobody spoke-up in the commercial production meeting and said, "Hey, did anyone by chance notice that glaring brass swastika?" Seriously, that thing sticks out more than a pretty girl at Wal-Mart. Even Gordon Riese would have noticed it.

Anyway, even though I don't think owning a swastika is very, uhm, kosher, I guess it's good to know that anti-Semites have a place outside of the Internet and the secret basement underneath the gun range to purchase Nazi memorabilia.  At least when they buy those items from a jewelry store they are paying sales taxes.

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