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Law and Order

The one where a teacher allegedly photographs her students decorating a Christmas tree…in their underwear

10:50 AM EST on November 28, 2011

Remember back in elementery school when a teacher would invite you over to her house to decorate a Christmas tree in your underwear? Yeah, neither do I. Of course, I didn’t live in crazy rural Oklahoma. From the "creepy teacher about to spend time in jail" file:

MCLOUD, Okla. -- An Oklahoma teacher is facing serious allegations at the center of a police investigation. Several parents in McLoud claim their daughters were taken to an elementary school teacher's home for an inappropriate photo shoot.

Parents of two different girls, ages 10 and 11 say their girls were invited to the teacher's home in Shawnee to decorate a Christmas tree and eat pizza.

But instead, they say she dressed them in lingerie.

Parent Joann Solmi said, "She said, 'Yes mom, it was bra and panties and she was making us put them on, taking video and pictures of us.'"

Parent Amanda Childers said, "They were panties that said 'naughty or nice' on the butt with bras that said 'ho, ho, ho.' Each was asked to go in a bedroom separately, change in the outfits and decorate the Christmas tree, and she took pictures of them."

No one has been arrested, but Shawnee police are investigating.

Neither are commenting right now.

The superintendent told us it would be inappropriate to comment right now and asked the media to be patient.

Geeze, and you thought those Promise Keepers meetings your teacher invited you to in the 1990s were weird. This story gets even worse. From what Spencer dubs the best news source in Oklahoma...the Shawnee News Star:

On Nov. 17, Shawnee police were contacted by McLoud authorities who had another student there with her parents, the search warrant shows.

That girl told McLoud police the same teacher has allegedly been having students in her classroom use Skype over the Internet to talk with an older man wearing glasses they call “Uncle G.”

That student also reported the teacher has allegedly been taking photos of some girls in the class as they pose on desk and chairs.

Police sources said the investigation is ongoing and the FBI may get involved as well.

Uncle G? Really??? I wonder if that will be the guy’s nickname in a year or two while he’s taking a shower in federal prison?

Seriously, what sick sick sick people. This is a big reason why I stay away from rural Oklahoma. It’s also a big reason why I make sure the girls that I photograph in their underwear while decorating a Christmas tree are 23-year-old models from the Ukraine.

Anyway, hopefully these perverts go to jail for a long time. Unless, of course, they are innocent and this is nothing but a vast conspiracy orchestrated by a bitter group of 10 and 11-year-old kids. You know, kind of like how scientists make up those theories about climate change and evolution. I'm sure that's the case.

Update: According to Channel 9, the perverted teacher has resigned.

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