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Biker Fox is going to be on Ridiculousness

8:00 AM EST on November 14, 2011

If that headline or picture makes no sense, let me explain a few things.

1. Biker Fox — pictured to the right — is a weirdo D-list internet celebrity from Tulsa. We've written about him several times on this site. The guy allegedly made millions selling classic car parts on the internet and then decided to live life as a raccoon-loving, bar-hopping, front-flipping bicycle stunt artist.

The guy is really really really strange. He's kind of like Tulsa's version of Wayne Coyne...except he lacks any talent or the ability to make people happy. If you've never heard of him before, just visit his website. It will make you feel like the most normal person in the world.

2. "Ridiculousness" is MTV's rip-off of 'Tosh.0"...the popular web video show on Comedy Central that used to be funny until they decided to spend each episode trying to gross people out. "Ridiculousness" is hosted by some guy name Rob Dyrdek (pictured to the left). According to Wikipedia, he's an "American professional skateboarder, actor, entrepreneur, producer, philanthropist, and reality TV star." What a dick.

Anyway, now that you know all that, you should probably watch Biker Fox on "Ridiculousness" tonight on MTV. On second thought, you should DVR it instead. That way you can fast-forward through all the commercials for annoying ring tones, Clearasil and Jersey Shore.

Also, this isn't the first time an Oklahoma internet sensation has been featured on one of these web clip shows. Elyse "I just wanted to make it snow" Downs was the focus of a "Tosh.O" web redemption and G4's "Web Soup" did a bit on the Mr Sprigg's Barbeque commercial (watch for the cameo by our very own Chad at around the 2:12 mark. He's the dapper guy with the child molester beard).

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