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There is no garden, truck or floral tee shirt that Rick Mitchell can’t make sexy

1:31 PM EST on November 9, 2011

If we carved a Mt. Rushmore of local weatherman into Black Mesa, Rick Mitchell would be equivalent to Thomas Jefferson. Sure, people recognize his name and know he's part of a great weatherman triumvirate, but his popularity and stature will never be as high as Gary England (George Washington) or Mike Morgan (Abraham Lincoln).

This isn't totally Rick's fault. Sure, he's a little bit dry and boring, but he doesn't do all that bad for the hand he's dealt. Just think about it. He doesn't have a go-to storm chaser, he doesn't have his own helicopter pilot, and some of his radar and weather graphics look like they were bought at a pawn shop. Hell, the poor guy doesn't even have his own drinking game...yet.

In fact, about the only thing Rick really has going for him is his own catchphrase — "Rick Said It Would"— and some enthusiastic fans who frequent local bars and clubs (see image above). He also has the world's greatest awesomely bad Twitter avatar.

Check it out:

Holy golf-ball sized hail, Batman! That is the photo Rick Mitchell has on his Twitter page. It makes you wonder what's going on here. Is Rick:

A) Entering his Senior year of high school?
B) Auditioning for the Sears summer catalog?
C) About to take your mom on a date to Applebee's?

Seriously, that picture is just weird. I'm not sure if Rick's about to tell me the weather forecast or ask me to feel his muscley arms. Hell, he's making Mike Morgan's bedazzled weather tie look normal.

Also, is it possible for Rick to dig his hands a little deeper into his pockets? I can't tell if he's looking for change or mapping a new route to China. Perhaps he's doing something else. Based on the look on his face, I wouldn't be surprised.

Anyway, who knows why Rick posed for this picture and put it on Twitter. Maybe it's just an attention-getting stunt (see: Bedazzled Weather Tie) or perhaps he just wants his Twitter followers to know he's an everyday casual dude who likes to casually lounge around in front of his pick-up and cruising for girls on 39th street. Or perhaps he's just clueless and weird.

Regardless, hopefully more pictures show up soon. And if they do, hopefully they are emailed to us by his wife. We love it when the weather wives email us.

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