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Some drunk guy threatened his neighbor while wearing only socks and Grinch underwear

And you thought it was annoying when your neighbor put their Big Trash Day junk on the curb a week too early. Imagine going outside and having your neighbor threaten you while only wearing socks and, as the 7-year-old British boy who writes headlines for Channel 5 brilliantly put it, "skivvies."

From KOCO:

Police: Drunken Man In Skivvies Threatens Neighbor

A 32-year-old man who was wearing nothing but his socks and Mr. Grinch underwear is out of jail after police arrested him on complaints of disorderly contact and public drunkenness.

Michael Gene Larsen, of Oklahoma City, was arrested Tuesday outside his neighbor's home in the 4200 block of NW 55th Street.

Officers say Larsen, who was under the influence of alcohol, was threatening his neighbor. When police arrived, they found Larsen lying in the front yard in a fetal position. Investigators said he was trying to eat the grass and attempting to dig a hole. Larsen admitted to police that he used methamphetamine and had been awake for a week, according to the police report.

First of all, it's too bad that we already published our 2011 Halloween Costume Ideas. This guy would have made a great addition.

Anyway, the police should really investigate this guy further. I'm totally fine with him eating grass, digging a hole in the ground and being awake for five days, but no grown man should own and wear Mr. Grinch underwear. Not only is it anti-Christmas, but I've heard you get a free pair of them when you buy a box of Popsicles or rent a white van with dark tinted windows for a weekend. Or at least that's what Clark Matthews told me. I have no clue how he knows these things.

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