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Shocker: The Valley Brook Police Chief was arrested for drug trafficking

1:11 PM EDT on September 27, 2011

We tend to cover most local stories that have to do with crime, sex or corruption, so I have no clue how we overlooked this gem of a story. Apparently, the police chief for Valley Brook has been charged with drug trafficking:

Melvin Martin Fisher Jr., 47, was arraigned Tuesday on one charge of drug trafficking, two charges of unlawful possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute and one charge of unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, according to Creek County court records.

Fisher was released Monday on $31,000 bail from the Creek County jail, court records show.

“They are accusing him of being in possession of 20 grams of methamphetamine and some quantity of marijuana,” said Rob Henson, Fisher's attorney...

Valley Brook is a town of fewer than 1,000 people, north of Moore.

Henson said Fisher on Monday asked for a temporary leave of absence, and that the assistant police chief be appointed to his post in the interim.

Capt. Mike Stamp, Valley Brook's assistant police chief, said he could not comment on the matter late Wednesday.

Fisher has been the police chief for more than 20 years, and an officer in the town for several years before that.

Yeah, this shouldn't surprise anyone. The the only thing more crooked than the Valley Brook Police Department is James Harden's teeth. They make the sheriff's department in Porky's look like an award-winning unit.

Of course, this can be expected. Valley Brook's top businesses are Little Darlings, Baby Dolls and Fancy's. That's classy. I'm pretty sure some girl named Alexis or Raven (depending on the day) even chairs the chamber of commerce.

One time in my early 20's, some guys I waited tables with and I went to Valley Brook to, uhm, play some golf. The golf scene there wasn't too great, so we decided to leave after one beer and go play a round on Reno and Meridian. While making our six block trek out-of-town and to I-35, a Valley Brooke Police Officer pulled us over for "driving suspiciously." Yep, three sober white guys obeying all traffic laws and driving down the road in a 1990 white Mitsubishi Galant sure look suspicious.

Even though we did nothing wrong, we were scared shitless. We had heard horror stories about Valley Brook. The cop did the typical routine. He asked questions, peered through the windows, asked if we were drinking, shined lights in our eyes, etc. He then went back to his car to checked our registration. He returned a few minutes later and let us go. Apparently he didn't find any meth, marijuana or CDs on us worth stealing.

That being said, we were lucky. I've heard plenty of horror stories about the Valley Brooke Police Department. I'm surprised we didn't get a ticket for having a dirty car or low tire pressure. And thank Gary England we didn't get caught having a lap dance.

One of my best friend's from high school — his name rhymes with Knes Wight — dated a stripper from Cover Girls. She was actually kind of cute. Her stage name was Desiree. She told us that there was a flashing strobe light in the club that the bouncer would set off whenever the cops were walking in the door to raid the place, which was almost a nightly occurrence.

When girls saw the flashing light, they knew to give really bad (a.k.a. distant) lap and dollar dances. But if girl didn't see the light and was caught being too "personal," she and the guy receiving the dance would be hauled to the Valley Brooke jail. They would then have to be bailed out, pay a fine, etc. These raids were so common that the dancers created their own quasi-insurance policy. If one dancer was taken to jail, the remaining dancers would pool the money together for bail and fine. That way, not one girl was stuck with a large bill from the jail.

Anyway, I have no clue if Desiree's story was true or if it was some urban legend, but it had a lasting impact on me. Now when I go on my bi-annual strip club voyage, I watch out for flashing strobe lights. And also know to stay the hell out of Valley Brook. Screw that place.

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