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Worst of OKC: Website

9:50 AM EDT on September 13, 2011

I went to Texas this past weekend to visit some family. While there, I came down with either food poisoning, appendicitis or stomach cancer.

Anyway, today is our final installment in the Best of OKC. We'll have a more thorough breakdown of our city's worst later next week. Until then, vote for Oklahoma City's worst website.

Yeah, we touched on the living internet museum known as back in June. Do yourself a favor and go read the post or go the Braum's site.  While you're there, email someone an e-postcard.

- is a coupon/online directory website started by Griffin Communications. It should be renamed ""


Jim Traber's personal website is basically a boring internet message board, but it also has great things like two year old blogs and photos of Jim and his family wearing white shirts and walking along the beach.


One neat thing about our growing popularity is we now have trolls and haters. They use words like "misogynistic," "jump the shark" and "terrible" to describe the site. After they do that, Gary England zaps them with lightning.


We still have no clue what is. I doubt we ever will.


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