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Worst of OKC: Tourist Attraction

I've written the intro to this thing about 20 times and can't seem to get it right. Basically, this is what I want to say:

A) It's kind of weird that Oklahoma City's best and most popular tourist attraction is also our saddest tourist attraction.

B) If you are visiting Oklahoma City and are not in town on either official business or to see family and friends, you're kind of weird.

C) I'm still not sure about the Crystal Bridge.

Okay, since that is now out-of-the-way, let's vote for our Worst Tourist Attraction.  The nominees are:

Frontier City

Everything you need to know about Frontier City can be summarized with the YouTube clip above...except for the boring rides. I'm not sure there's a video clip out there that can summarize the boring rides.


National Softball Hall of Fame and Museum

I've never been to the Softball Hall of Fame. I just assume this place sucks because softball sucks. That being said, if they ever create an exhibit dedicated to the 20 hottest softball players ever I'll happily take everything back.


Oklahoma River Cruise

Know what's more fun than a 2 hour river cruise from South Meridian to the Downtown Oklahoma City?  Everything in life. Seriously, this thing is so boring that even your grandparents refuse to ride it. I'd rather watch Berry Tramel eat pancakes than ride on an Oklahoma River Cruise.


Stockyards City

They should rename this place Stereotype City. Sure, there's a large cowboy culture in Oklahoma and cattle ranching is a significant part of our economy, but this place would make you think we all ride horses, wear cowboy boots and eat overrated steaks, when in fact only half of us do.


World of Wings Museum

Did you know Oklahoma City is home to one of the world's finest pigeon museums? Well, you do now. The World of Wings museum is home to a collection of "historic pigeon equipment clocks, bands, trophies, plaques, paintings and photographs" and "an extensive collection of World War I and II army pigeon corps equipment, including transport carriers and message holders." I would assume they also have an exhibit where pigeons crap on your car don't move out of your way while driving.


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