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Worst of OKC: Worst Rich Person

7:00 AM EDT on August 31, 2011

"Let's make fun of rich people," Patrick implied by making this category. Everyone knows that deep pockets mean a great sense of humor about themselves. In response, Patrick wrote a disclaimer. I think it is probably a good idea to make it pretty clear here:

Positive Uplifting Prevent Frivolous Lawsuit Disclaimer: This is supposed to be funny and not taken too seriously. Just because a person, place or thing makes this list doesn’t necessarily mean we think they are bad. It just means our readers get to vote for them, and if enough people vote for a particular nominee, they are the worst out of the five nominees. Basically, it’s not science….so don’t sue us.  Sue somebody else.

That piece of business out of the way, let's get to the nominees:

Aubrey McClendon

Remember when your high school English teacher made you read Great Expectations, and you spent the whole book (and by book I mean Cliff's Notes) wondering who it was that gave Pip the money? Well, there is no mystery about the identity of Oklahoma City's benefactor. It is Aubrey McClendon.

If an investment is needed for the city, Uncle Aubrey is bound to shell out some money to make this town a better place. He is generous to charities, turns eyesores into high class districts, and bankrolled the purchase of the Seattle Supersonics, then took a $500,000 fine from the commissioner simply to relieve fears in the 405 that he had any intention of leaving his team in the Pacific Northwest.

So how could he be the "worst" rich person? One word: Pops.


Larry Nichols

If Larry Nichols ever reads the above section, the computer screen is going to be broken. The CEO of Devon Energy has to chafe at the amount of attention McClendon gets for the public service he does with his wallet. In response to Chesapeake creating a compound bordering Nichols Hills, Larry green lighted a huge phallic symbol in the middle of the city to reestablish his dominance.

Oh, and Councilman Ed Shadid has accused Nichols of being the secret benefactor of the smear campaign against him.


David Green

As a rich person,Green could be worse. For better or worse, he saved Oral Roberts University after the founder's son used the school's fund to build himself a palace. Then, he donated a bunch of biblical artifacts to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art which, religious or not, is a pretty cool exhibition.

However, he made his billions selling craft supplies, and since he won't open the store on Sunday's many of my Saturday's end in a desperate run to get my wife provisions for her weekend projects.


Clay Bennett

For most of you, this isn't a big deal right now--what with football season just days away--but the NBA is currently in a labor stoppage. There are many issues at hand that led to the owners locking out the players, but it all boils down to the owners taking advantage of a global economic disaster in hopes of breaking the Player's Union. And don't kid yourself, one of the hardliners demanding far more than the player's would ever agree to give up is Clay Bennett, owner of your Oklahoma City Thunder



Any Gaylord

If I have to give reasons for you to vote for the Gaylord Family, I want to welcome you to the site.


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