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Mayor Cornett is not a good dancer…

Before he was the proud mayor of the Chamber of Commerce of our fine city, Mick Cornett was a back-up sports anchor for Channel 5. This means he did things like report scores, get coffee for Dean Blevins and apply Aqua Net to Jane Jayroe's hair.

He also danced in the streets of Bricktown. If you need proof, just watch this video that we acquired via the Ogle Mole Network...

First of all, we've heard rumors that this clip existed for a couple of years but were never able to get our hands on it. Getting the plans for the Death Star was probably easier than acquiring this video.

When I watched the clip, I couldn't help but wonder how cool things would be if Mayor Mick was still this laid-back and care free. Seriously, can you imagine someone asking him today to wear a Mr. Rodgers sweater and dance around Bricktown with that dude from Rocky IV???  That person would get a lecture on branding and then get thrown out of the window at Mayor's high-rise office at Ackerman McQueen. A few weeks later, that person's family would probably be billed $250 for an hour of consulting.

Anyway, a few other thoughts:

- What's up with all the flexing? He looks like one of those guys at Rok Bar on a Friday night.

- We have heard that the kid sporting the Super Mullet at the 15-second mark is Steve Hunt. This was before he worked at Taco Bell.

- Speaking of Taco Bell, this video was obviously shot way way way before Mayor Mick ate fresco-style burritos every day for lunch.

- We're still bitter about the Lingerie Football thing.

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