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The one where someone emails us a picture of Joleen Chaney that isn’t Joleen Chaney…

Joleen Chaney is hot.  I know it.  You know it.  And Joleen Chaney knows it.  That's why she takes pictures in a dresses like this and then posts them on her Facebook page.

Pictures - and dresses - like that are why Joleen ranks near the top of our 20 Hottest rankings each year.  They are also why an email with the subject line "Joleen Chaney Pic" got our attention.  Here's the email (everything is [sic]):

just thought you guys might find this preaty interesting don't ask how i found it but yes that is Joleen Chaney and all her glory hoping you'll show the rest of the state see what kind of girl she realy is.

Here's the picture (in all it's glory):

In a perfect world, that would probably be a picture of Joleen Chaney.  That would also be the outfit she would wear each night on the news.  But the world is not perfect.

Hate to burst anyone's bubble - including the emailer of the photo - but that's not Joleen Chaney.  It's just some girl who slightly - and I mean slightly - resembles the Channel 4 / Freedom 43 starlet.

You see, I uploaded the image to the website TinyEye. It identified the pic at several other websites, including this one (NSFW), which shows about 20 other pictures of the same girl performing various poses.

Anyway, I have no clue why someone would grab a picture like that off some porn site and then send it to us. It's kind of creepy and kind of weird, but at least it gave us the opportunity to post a real pic of Joleen Chaney and some random internet girl with large eyes.  Maybe someone will send us a picture of Jennifer Pierce next.

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