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The new Miss Oklahoma is talented…

Well, a new Miss Oklahoma was crowned in Tulsa on Saturday night.  Her name is Betty Johnson and she is from some town called Davenport.  Her skill in the talent competition was the Irish step dance.  Apparently they don't consider a slender yet curvy body, brilliant white teeth and the ability to control a denim jacket as "talent" these days.

Based on the images above — and how I would fantasize imagine Betty did with the Irish step dance — I think the judges did a pretty good job. That being said, check out what her platform is going to be as Miss Oklahoma:

Betty Thompson grew up on a Lincoln County dairy farm, so promoting milk as part of her pageant duties has always seemed natural to her.

As the new Miss Oklahoma, Thompson wants to spread the message about the positive health benefits of dairy products. Her platform during the pageant was "Milk — It Really Does a Body Good."

"Dairy has been a big part of my life all of my life," Thompson told The Associated Press on Sunday. "Always at the dairy shows, I showed dairy cattle growing up. It's something I've always been around.

"I'll be focusing on teaching students the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices at an early age," she said. "Habits are formed at a young age, so we want to focus on them drinking milk instead of Cokes or sweet tea."

Although it is kind of cool to picture this girl wearing a dress and bonnet and milking cows all day, I think the whole dairy thing is kind of lame.  That is unless she thinks outside of the box and just talks about the awesomeness of cheeses, ice cream and chocolate milk. That's a platform even I could get behind!

Also, maybe if that works and she wins Miss America, Braum's can then hire her as a spokeswomen and put her on an updated website.  Or at least use her to replace the circa-1997 homely girl from the Braum's TV commercial.

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