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State Rep Mike Jackson’s parents enjoy marijuana

No, the guy pictured above is not the son of Ron Howard.  It's actually State Representative Mike Jackson.  Mike represents the citizens of Enid, serves as the House Assistant Majority Floor Leader, and is the son of a couple of distinguished and qualified pot heads from some town called Burlington.

From the Alva Review Courier:

Duane and Sherrill Jackson, ages 60 and 56, have been charged with criminal unlawful cultivation of marijuana and misdemeanor possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. They are parents to State Rep. Mike Jackson of Enid.

Court documents were filed May 13 following a May 11 “Knock and Talk” investigation and consensual search of their Burlington residence...

Officers found 11 marijuana plants growing outside in buckets and nine small marijuana plants growing in Styrofoam cups inside a closet.

That closet had grow lights, water, a timer, a heat lamp, containers of water, growing chemicals, potting soil and various items of cultivation commonly used for marijuana, documents state.

The investigators also found two smoking bongs in the living room, a small baggy of purported marijuana in the freezer, and a small baggie of grow stock marijuana with seeds on the kitchen table.

Wow!   I don't know about you, but if I ever find myself at a party in Enid, I hope that Mike Jackson shows up.  And if he does, I hope he arrives with some of his mom and dad's finest homegrown marijuana.

Seriously, how in the world is Mike Jackson going to come up with an excuse on this one. He'll probably say that he thought his parents were growing a vegetable garden or something.  Because you know, we all grow carnival tomatoes and squash in our closets with the help of growing lights, heat lamps and chemicals.

Also, since Mike's parents obviously like the herb — and since Mike "more than likely" had to know about his parents interests in illegal botany — it's kind of interesting that he authored a bill that would modify the definition of drug paraphernalia.  I'm not sure what the modifications were, but when your Mom and Dad are the Cheech and Chong of Northwestern Oklahoman, I imagine he would try to make the law more lenient.

Maybe next time he should just go all out and just try to pass a bill that would legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.  Marijuana isn't nearly as harmful as alcohol. Plus, if you kind of legalized it, then the sale and distribution could be taxed and regulated.  It almost makes too much sense, which means it likely never happen in the state of Oklahoma.  But hey, lets all own guns!  Guns rule.

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