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Happy Belated Mother’s Day…

From the "some deranged person watched 'Weekend at Bernies' a few too many times" file. Via

An elderly woman died in her Northwest Oklahoma City home and wasn't discovered for months. To make things worse, her 62-year-old son was living in the home the entire time.

Obviously they arrested they son, right?

Investigators believe the death was natural and the son was not arrested. Officers think he was living with his mother's body since February...

People started to worry when no one would answer the door and she hadn't been seen for a while. One woman called Adult Protective Services and after a few tries, an employee there ended up speaking with the son.

MSgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department says, "He indicated to them his mother had passed away and he had taken care of disposing of the body."

That's when police were called and they made the gruesome discovery.

MSgt. Knight says, "She was inside the residence. She had been wrapped in bags. Appeared to have been there for a number of months.

Investigators also discovered 19 cats and 12 turtles in the home.

MSgt. Knight says the death does not look like a homicide, but the Medical Examiner's Office will make the final call on that.

[Brian] Rupe [a neighbor] says, "He just didn't know what to do. You know? He loved her so much he didn't know what to do."

Rupe says the neighborhood is upset and surprised by the events.

This story just proves what we already knew...people who own (or like) cats and turtles are very weird. Seriously, why would you want a turtle, much less 12 of them? They are the most boring creatures alive. A couple of times when I was a kid my mom would see one crossing the road and we'd pull over and rescue it. We'd then take him home and put him in a box with some dirt, water and a piece of lettuce. The turtle wouldn't really do anything so my brother and I would get bored and eventually let him go. Hell, one time a turtle even escaped from the box, but in hindsight, I bet my dad just drove off into the country and let it free. Or did he do that to the dog? I can't remember.

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