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Some of My Easter Traditions…

You may or may not have known this, but I write a monthly column for Oklahoma Magazine.  This is a free publication based out of Tulsa that's available throughout the state.  Overall, it's a pretty cool gig because they catch 90% of my typos, pay me a ton of money and always tell me how wonderful I am.

Anyway, this column is now available online if you want to read it.  Generally, I deal with serious issues like global economics, environmental policy and midget fashion, but this time I got all sentimental and discussed my Easter traditions.  For example:

Open a Cadbury Crème Egg to perfection. Have you ever wondered why the drug store always has a box of Cadbury Crème Eggs next to the cash register? Well, it’s for people like me. What’s odd, though, is that I don’t really like Cadbury Crème Eggs. They are too rich and sweet, plus I’m always a little bit worried that the yellow part may have salmonella.

In fact, the only reason I really buy them is so I can practice opening one up like they do in the commercials. Seriously, in every commercial they show some hand model opening up the egg and the bright yellow cream is always perfectly in the center. It takes a while, but usually I can open it correctly on my 10th try. Now if only I can teach my pet rabbit to cluck like a chicken.

Anyway, if you want to read the rest of my column and all the other stuff in the April edition of Oklahoma Magazine, visit their website.  It's something interesting to do while you try to waste away a couple of hours at work.

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