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The one where Channel 25 does a report on sex toys…

So this actually happened a few weeks ago, but I forgot about it.  Fortunately, Tony was able to capture some video and put it on YouTube.

Friendly reminder here, but Channel 25 aired this segment about an "erotic" new dance exercise just a few weeks before the one above.  This is starting to make me wonder what is happening at Channel 25.  Here are some possible explanations:

1. They really really want to embarrass and/or fascinate Andrew Speno. We like Speno, but he comes across as a little bit too uncomfortable and embarrassed in the video.  He strikes me as the type of guy who drew cartoon pictures of girls boobs on on his desk in middle school, but then ran and hid in bathroom when a girl asked him to the 8th grade desk.  Around here, we call guys like that Chad.

2. They are trying to make up for the loss of Lauren Richardson. I'm not sure how popular Lauren Richardson was with her co-workers at KOKH, but she was pretty popular amongst us and The Ogle Mole network.  Maybe these videos are just an excuse to get us to write about Channel 25 again.  If so, it's working.  Although we'd much rather see Jaime go to Braum's to make erotic ice cream or see Liz Dueweke try to roll a log.

3. The producers at Channel 25 are just perverts.  I've heard from several Channel 25 insiders that the news producers at KOKH are ridiculously perverted.  Then again, my source for that information was Phil Cross.  He told me this while showing me the cartoon drawings he made of Jaime Cerreta's boobs during a recent production meeting.

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