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Ward 6: The Party Girl, The Rich Lady and The Tea Party Crazy

1:30 PM EST on February 28, 2011

This part of Oklahoma City covers Downtown, Bricktown and a lot of places where you would rather not be after 8:00pm.  The candidates are:

- Jessica Holstein (The Party Girl)

- Meg Salyer (The Rich Lady)

- Adrian VanManen (The Tea Party Crazy)

We take a look at each candidate and give our Ogle endorsement after the jump.

Jessica Holstein

We wrote about Jessica last week.  She likes to take fun pictures, but now claims she is over that "period" in her life.  Whatever.  She's still in her early 20's.  Girls in their early 20's are awesome.


Meg Salyer

Meg Salyer is the incumbent for Ward 6, but I’m not too sure about her.  For one, she supported that silly grand prix idea.  And two, she supported that silly grand prix idea.  And three, she was married to one of the guys on this list.

Seriously, that idea was pretty stupid.  In case you don't remember the grand prix thing, here is a good article by Slackmeyer on it. I guess I don’t have a problem with Oklahoma City wanting a grand prix.  I just had a problem with Oklahoma City loaning millions of dollars to the son of a billionaire so he could have an elitist car race in downtown Oklahoma City.  Seriously, borrow money from your dad or one of his rich friends or a bank, not the town you call home.


Adrian VanManen

Tea Party Whacko Alert!  Tea Party Whacko Alert!  This should tell you something.  The Gazette and The Oklahoman are both going out of their way to tell you not to vote for this guy.  They’ve both published stories that basically say this guy:

•  Is a tea party whacko

•  Goes to a church with other tea party whackos

•  Teaches at a school that has its students pretend to be militia members and confederate soldiers

It should be noted that this guy goes to Windsor Hills Baptist Church with Ward 8 Candidate (and fellow tea party whacko) Cliff Hearron.  Their pastor appears on radio shows like GunTalk. It should also be noted that their website designer used the same poor template (VanManen website, Cliff Hearron Website) to build their websites.

If these guys get into the office, they'll slow down all the progress Oklahoma City has made over the past 20 years.  Hell, they'll probably spend all their time attempting to block funding on projects, allow guns inside city hall and add a cross and 10 commandments to the city seal.


Anyway, because she’s young, would probably vote against that silly grand prix race, and probably has friends who like to party, we give Jessica Holstein a slight endorsement over Meg Salyer.  Just whatever you do, don't vote for the tea party crazy.

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