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The Gazette finally “scooped” us…

Well, after three and a half years, the Oklahoma Gazette has finally “scooped us.”  How did they do this?  By publishing three year old pictures of an obscure local political candidate having fun at a party that we wish we were invited to.  Here they are:

For what it’s worth, the girl in the pictures is 21-year-old Jessica Holstein.  She is running for the Ward 6 seat on the Oklahoma City council that is currently held by Meg Salyer.   Here is another picture of Jessica from her Facebook Page that the Gazette didn't publish:

What the hell, even though she’s one of those anti-business activist types, we’ll go ahead and officially endorse this girl for the Ward 6 City Council position.  To return that favor, perhaps she will invite us to a campaign party or something.  We'll even bring beer.  And maybe even the Virgin Supporters will be there.  That would be amazing.

Anyway, I’m not sure if the Gazette really wants to get into the business of sneaking around on Facebook and old MySpace pages.  That’s our territory.  If they keep this up, we’re going to make a move on their turf and write unopinionated  restaurant reviews, overly critical articles about community theater and boring articles about the Thunder. We’ll also start advertising for Asian massage parlors and pick up Doonesbury.  That will show them.

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