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Here are some pictures of Olivia Munn from her PC North High School yearbook…

8:44 AM EST on January 18, 2011


Over the weekend, the entire Internet was in awe of the breasts of PC North and OU graduate turned nerd TV show host turned Playboy cover model turned Daily Show correspondent turned Justin Timberlake groupie turned Hollywood actress turned NBC sitcom star Olivia Munn.  From Gawker:

The former Attack of the Show host, controversial Maxim cover model, and new star of NBC's Perfect Couples appeared on The Late Show last night to talk about something, but all we heard was "Hey, America! Here are my tits!"

This is not to say that they're bad-looking tits. The girl is very attractive. We just had to point out how she's flaunting her assets. You know how they say... "flaunt it if you've got it?"

After reading the Gawker post, it occurred to me that we have a couple of yearbook pictures of Olivia Munn from her Junior year in high school that we’ve never published.   I think they are the only pictures available on the internet of Olivia that don’t show her in a bikini, low cut dress or eating a cookie.  They are after the jump.

Here’s the mug shot.  She's Lisa Munn.

You know, that’s actually a nice yearbook picture.  Even though she's not in a slutty pose, it’s the kind of yearbook picture you would expect to see from someone like Olivia Munn.  It's kind of like how that picture of Alex Newman is the type of pic you'd totally expect to see from a guy named Alex Newman.   He’s probably either working at a science lab or a comic book shop.  Maybe both.

Anyway, here’s Olivia in a group photo of the 1997 PC North Environmental Club.  They called the club CAWS.  How clever.

If you could go back in time to 1997 and ask the boys in the Environmental Club which fellow club member they'd like to see on cover of Playboy or Maxim ten years later, would any of them have said Olivia Munn?   I doubt it.  They would have gone with one of the cheerleaders on the front row.

On that note,  Olivia Munn is hot, I think, but not super hot.  In fact, she sometimes looks kind of weird...but weird in a hot way.  But then you see pictures like the one in the black dress above, and remember that she’s famous, and yeah, whatever.

Also, for what it’s worth, my friends and I knew a bunch of girls from Putnam City North (a.k.a The North Girls) back in the day, but Lisa Munn was not one of them.  However, my buddy Josh did take a girl pictured in the Environmental Club photo to the 1994 PC North Christmas Dance.  And I was “set up” with one of her friends (who is also pictured above), but I didn’t “like” her because she was tall and lanky. I actually ended up going with a different girl to that dance.  That girl ended up dating some pot head for a couple of years.  That pot head ended up being this douche bag.

Not sure how that's related to anything,  but I just felt like sharing.  And if any mole has any other pics of Ms. Munn from her North or OU years, send them our way.

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