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TheLostOgle’s Year in Politics 2010

Even though this is not a political blog, the fact that 2010 was an election year gave us plenty of material in that category.  With the year winding down, now might be a good time to review just how much happened in the state's political landscape.

The Rise of Emily Virgin

While Democrats in the state were getting slaughtered like Persians at the hands of King Leonidas, at least one Party member became a rising star.  In this case, the word "party" is literal.  We initially took interest in a little known candidate for state office from Norman because her last name was "Virgin" and, well honestly, we have very juvenile senses of humor.  Afterwards, our interest was justified when it turned out her circle of friends had a reciprocal interest in us.

So in 2034, when the girl in the gray dress is chief of staff to Governor Virgin, we can totally brag that she told us to "suck on that."

The Fall of Randy Terrill

Navidad came early for the handful of hispanic people who live in this state and are constantly being harrassed by racist legislation championed by Representative Randy Terrill.  While District Attorney David Prater's charges of corruption were not enough to derail Terrill's re-election bid, news came out this week that he would be indicted and that he would be giving himself up to authorities in early 2011.  When he gets to prison, which gang do you think he will align with for protection during recreational time?  I'm sure White Power Bill has a seat saved for him in the softball bleachers.

During all of this, Terrill has maintained that the charges are a joke.  But, as we pointed out back in June, he is going to have to convince a jury not to believe a beloved journalist who beat cancer.

The Rise AND Fall of Steve Hunt

For a low-level employee at a discount bookstore, Steve Hunt had a remarkable year.  Sure, Mayor Mick probably could have campaigned a little harder for his third term, but name recognition of the "second best mayor on the planet" alone should have been enough to destroy a guy whose behavior could best be described as eccentric.  Instead, Hunt managed to pull 42% of the vote.

The day after the election, he sent me an email consisting of a single quote from Elbert Hubbard:  "To avoid criticism do nothing, say nothing, be nothing."  It was food for thought, and I have to hand it to him for trying to do something he believed in.  That being said, I cannot tell you how happy I am that he lost.

Important Issues

With the global economy in absolute ruins, it is nice to know that one politician had his finger on the pulse of the needs of Oklahomans.  Toilet paper.


A story involving a state senator, a lobbyist, infidelity, pregnancy, divorce, possible influence peddling for sex...and The Oklahoman was scooped by us (and OkiePundit) five months before they finally chose to run the story.

The Separation of Church and State

Sharia law may not be welcomed here in this state, but worshipping Satan is allowable in the Civic Center.  What really stood out about a group of atheists masquerading as "satanic worshippers" renting a public building to make fun of the Catholic Church was the lack of outrage.  Sure, Sally Kern's husband picketed the event, but most people just laughed about what was going on.

Mayoral Overreach

 Only once have we rued the re-election of Mayor Cornett, but it was a biggie.  Upon news that the Lingerie Football League had intentions of expanding to the OKC market, we were ecstatic.  This was something the site had been lobbying for since the early days when only half a dozen people knew it existed.  When we requested a quote from The City's chief executive, however, we were effed up with some truth.  Mayor Mick's response was, "Hey guys, I am not in favor of them coming for more reasons than I can mention.  Some obvious, some not so obvious.  Do not expect it to happen.”

Specifically because of the Mayor's public opposition, the league changed its plan and the Commissioner famously questioned whether they were trying to bring their business to Oklahoma or North Korea.

The Voice of Homophobia Speaks Again

What happens when Sally Kern is asked to speak to a room full of like minded biggots?  She complains about being persecuted for trying to bring "freedom and liberty to all."  As long as  you don't count the gays.

Odd Legislation

Probably because this was an election year, the number of bills, state questions, et cetera related to wedge issues was rediculously high.  The year started with Jason Nelson trying to re-establish unenforced anti-sodomy laws (after the Supreme Court had already struck down Texas' similar laws).  Then the estate tax, known as the "Death Tax," a tax break portrayed as a cruel violation of the civil rights of rich people expired to the cheers of conservatives.  Sally Kern tried to end marriage divorce.  The Legislature talked about teaching The Bible in public schools.  Anti-smoking Nazis began their next crusade.  Then, in the name of stopping abortion, the State asked doctors to lie to patients.

The most interesting of them all may have been an act of the people, who, in committing statewide xenophobia to law might have actually outlawed all law.

The Year of Mary

 The year 2010 belonged to U.S. Congresswoman and now governor-elect Mary Fallin.  In her path to becoming the first woman to helm the state's highest office, she was very busy.  She managed to avoid any damage for having a guy on her payroll who behaved like one of Richard Nixon's plumbers, very few people seemed to care that she used their tax dollars to advertise how fiscally responsible she would be with their tax dollars, and if anyone other than me noticed that she tried to shirk her job responsibilities to avoid having to act on her public convictions, I missed it.

Instead she cruised to the Governor's mansion with clever advertising where she pledged to fight Washington by giving up her position in federal government, and promised to work hard as long as it did not mean giving any effort.  Mostly, she just used her street cred as an adultering spouse with children to point out her family values--and carefully raise the threat of her opponent possibly *wink* *wink* being a lesbian.

At least she gave us an interviewSuck on that Andrew Speno!

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