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21 Most Viewed Lost Ogle Posts of 2010 (21-11)

Because the end of the year is kind of boring – other than Randy Terrill getting charged with a felony and the coolness of a guy wielding a machette– we thought it would be fun countdown the 21 most viewed Lost Ogle posts of 2010.

When you go through the list, keep in mind that it's based entirely on individual page views.  Therefore, it's going to lean more towards posts that required  a "read more" or received a bunch of traffic referrals from other sites.  It also means some of my favorite posts from 201o (like this one and this one and this one) didn't make the cut.

Anyway, the first couple are below, the rest are after the jump.


21. Brian Maughan is single and ready to mingle...

Well, I just did a quick check and it looks like our Oklahoma County District 2 Commissioner has been on in the last three weeks.   It also looks like he has updated his profile.  For some reason, he left Red Lobster on there.  No wonder he's still single.


20. Liz Dueweke is hitting this…

Liz Dueweke is hotter than grease at the Chuckhouse and that guy is her boyfriend?  Life is cruel.


19. Lingerie Football Fallout...

Ha, hot chicks in lingerie playing football.  I would go into detail why it was so lame that Mayor Cornett stopped progress from happening in this city, but there are just too many reasons to list and I don't want people to focus on just one.


18. Mary Fallin Q&A...

If we went back to, ohh, 2006, and I told you that a website called The Lost Ogle would have interviews with the three major Oklahoma gubernatorial candidates (Fallin, Edmondson and Askins), you probably would have asked wme hat I was doing on your lawn, why I was drunk and why I'm so good looking.  If I did that today, you would just want my autograph.


17. Looks like Emily Virgin has some fun friends…

24 year old female politicians are pretty cool, but they are even cooler when they have friends with big boobs.


16. Top 10 Names for the Ex-Ford Center…

I like Oklahoma City as much as the next ardent Big League City person, but you have to admit that Oklahoma City Arena is pretty lame.  I'm really disappointed they didn't go with Toby Keith’s “I Love this Basketball Arena."


15. Top 10 Things we want to see happen this summer…

Hey, three out of 10 requests being answered is not too bad.  Now we just need to get Joleen and her friends to go to the lake.  She can even take the former District Attorney of Grady County.  We really don't care.


14. The Story of Steve Hunt…

Ahhh...the weirdest person to ever be 6% points away from being our mayor.

No lie, Steve Hunt was the answer to one of the questions that we screwed up at trivia night.  He then showed up at Trivia Night.  Did we mention he's weird.


13. Meet the 2010 Single in the City Participants…

I not sure which is more surprising.  This post was so popular, or that I ended up going out with one of the contestants without having to place a bid.  I'll go with the post being popular.  That's because I'm so charming and handsome.



12. Farewell Amy McRee…

When people wanted to know which member of the News 9 family was saying good bye and moving to California with some Douche Bag, they came to The Lost Ogle.  I'm not sure if we should be proud of that or not.


11. Gary England Drinking Game "Winter Rules" Edition and Winter Weather Death Blog …

Yeah, these posts happened on the same day, so I decided to tie them together.  The Winter Rules Drinking game was written by our contributor Eliot, while I live-blogged the media over-coverage of the ice storm that never really happened.  It was a great day.


Anyway, check us out on Thursday for the Top 10 posts of 2010.  If you don't, well, screw you.

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