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3:50 PM EST on December 23, 2010

Yesterday morning, our gentle obscure local social blog was attacked by a mean Trojan Horse virus.  Apparently when you visited The Lost Ogle, the virus thingy attempted to redirect you to a different website that either sold questionable software or even more questionable porn.

We think the Trojan Horse may have been planted on The Lost Ogle by one of the following people:

- Steve Hunt

- Jim Traber

- Ed Kelly

- Chad

- Ranger Roger

Anyway, we think we have the problem fixed and the site should be safe to surf.  As a bonus, we have also upgraded to a new grid server, which should make the site faster and allow us to avoid a total shutdown when big national sites link to us.

However, if you do encounter any issues or suspicious redirects, please email us at TheLostOgle at Gmail dot com, or email our web developer Ryan Aller at Ryan at ryanaller dot com.

On that note, a big thanks goes out to Ryan for all his help and support over the past 36 hours.   There's a reason Clark Matthews calls him Golden Boy.

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