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Update: Do not expect The Lingerie Football League in OKC to happen

Well, it looks like our giddiness in landing a Lingerie Football League expansion franchise may have been a premature reaction.

We emailed Mayor Mick Cornett for a statement regarding the LFL expansion into OKC.  Here is what he said:

Hey guys... I am not in favor of them coming for more reasons than I can mention.  Some obvious, some not so obvious.  Do not expect it to happen...

Well....shoot.  That's a not a good sign.  A few years ago, Mayor Cornett did everything possible to block the Continental Basketball Association from adding a franchise here, and look at what happened to them.  They had to relocate in Lawton.  Scary.

Anyway, I'm going to hold out hope that we can change the Mayor's mind on this situation.  The first step in this process is to start ordering more Fresco-style burritos and make fun of Steve Hunt more often.  After that, we'll start collecting and trading baseball cards.  I think that may sway him.

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