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Mary Fallin is not smart…

9:30 AM EDT on September 20, 2010

The video below is the new TV commercial produced by the Mary Fallin campaign.  Check it out:

I don't know about you, but some quotes from this commercial really stood out.  And they stood out in a "WTF?" type of way.  They were:

-  "Are you fed up with Washington?  I know I am, and that's one of the reasons I'm running for governor."

- "We need a governor who stand up and fight those liberals in Washington and I will."

- "No one will work harder for Oklahoma"¦no one."

Here's my question.  If Mary Fallin is such a "hard worker" and wants to fight Washington liberals so bad, why doesn't she just go work in Washington?  You know, like become a congresswomen or something like that.

Wait!  I know why!  She's already don't that!  And now she's quitting that job because those Washington liberals were passing unfunded spending bills...bills  that she supported and voted for.  Bills like that pesky $700-billion bank bailout.

Now I'm no scientist – I just pretend to be one at bars – but the fact that Mary is quitting her current job because it's too difficult makes me think she's more of a quitter than hard worker.  In fact, it makes her look like nothing more than a career opportunist...a career opportunist like all those other people in Washington that she's allegedly fed up with.

If Mary Fallin really wants to be our next governor, she should stop producing stupid commercials that point out the hypocrisy of her campaign and openly contradict her reason for running.  If she keeps at it, she may just lose this thing.  And we're not the only ones who think that.  Check out the conservative blog OkiePundit.  They are freaking out a little bit.

Allow us to be blunt for a moment. At OkiePundit, we are Fallin supporters, but here is a hard fact Republicans need to realize right now, rather than at 10 pm on November 3rd: unless major changes are made in the Fallin campaign, we will lose the governorship and we'll be standing around dumbfounded the same way we were in 2002. This time we won't have redneck chicken fighters to blame.

Wow, the ship may be sinking.  And this time we won't have redneck chicken fighters (and Andrew Speno) to congratulate.  Maybe the next 8 years in Oklahoma won't be too bad after all.

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