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Go Fighting Patriots!

Usually, I'd rather read Oklahoman editorial articles all day than watch an MTV reality show about whiny high school kids, but tonight I may make an exception.  That exception is because the show "If You Really Knew Me" features a student from Putnam City high school alma mater.

When I first saw this clip, I got a little bit jealous.  That's because the only cool things that happened when I went to PC West was an occasional cancer fund drive and ditching school during an occasional cancer fund drive.  But I got over the jealousy pretty fast once I realized that when I went to the home of the Patriots, it wasn't yet ghetto and we had an open campus for lunch.  Take that Class of 2011!

Anyway, even though I don't know how to find MTV on my remote and I was in high school when these kids were born, I'm definitely going to watch this show or at least DVR it.  It will be cool to once again see J Hall, Senior Island and the courtyard by the library.  Maybe even they'll show the assistant principal's office and some cheerleaders doing the Patriot Shuffle to Push It.   And maybe, just maybe, they'll show some kid get robbed or mugged for stepping on the school seal.  I heard that's what they do to the kids now.

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