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Clark Matthews’ Endorsement: James Lankford

Thanks to Mary Fallin's decision to run for governor, the competition for her opening 5th district (the district that covers OKC) congressional seat is fierce.  With the Republican primary (or as, I refer to it, the nomination of the next congressman) on Tuesday, I thought I would like to weigh in for the eight readers we have that are registered to vote GOP.  It was not an easy decision.  Patrick lent his endorsement to one of the guy in the race with a porn name, and the comedic potential of Shane Jett going to Washington to offer bills requiring Supreme Court justices to wear powdered wigs was tempting.  However, my endorsement goes to...

James Lankford.

Why James Lankford? 

Is it that Lankford is uberqualified because his father-in-law was a marine and he spent thirteen years running a camp where Baptist youth lose their virginity?  No.

Is it that his face looks like it is made out of modeling clay?  No...well, it doesn't hurt.

Is it that Lankford has a dickish way of addressing people like morons when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration; or the super punny visual non sequitor he made in the same video?  Sort of.

Is it the way he is trying to bring back the ceasar haircut that was popular when I was in high school (right after bowl cuts and just before shaving it all off)?  Not really.

The reason, as with every decision I make in my life, is that Lankford has red hair, and we gingers have to stick together.

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