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Vote 4 Mary, Thx

2:16 PM EDT on June 30, 2010

Former Governor of Alaska/John McCain running mate and current member of the "lame stream media" Sarah Palin is trying her hand at being a King/Queen maker.  Using all of that political relevancy she earned by failing to answer "gotcha questions" like "What newspapers do you read?" has put her into the position where her endorsement of a candidate is well coveted.  Look at how much it did for the GOP in the New York 23rd, a seat they had held since the Civil War.

In the Oklahoma gubernatorial race, both Mary Fallin and Randy Brogdon--both pandering wildly to the "Tea Party" movement--would have loved to have the support of the folksy, Facebook loving, rogue who injected life and subsequently torpedoed the McCain presidential bid.  Of course, that honor could only go to one person, and Representative Fallin came away with the prize.  (Brogdon had to settle for fellow loon Glenn Beck's favor.)

The question is how did Fallin convince Palin to choose her?  Well, an Ogle mole managed to obtain* the correspondence the would-have-been Vice President sent.  Read it after the jump.

Hey Grrrrrl! Jus wanted to let u no the deets abt my endorse. I thot abt going w/ that other dude, but hv u cn his eyebrow? Ew, gross! :^( He needs to pluck thos bad, u no?

So if u wnt my spprt 4 guv, i hv a few reqs. (These not lik corp regs, tho! yuk!) 1st, u hv 2 wtch Trig whnvr i ask. Me n Todd need mor tim 2 go hntg @ anwr. *wink* *wink* (u and ur new hubby shld ply 2-u b nawT cariboo ;)) 2-- i need proms u wont sho me up by doing hole term. 3 -- on weds we wear pink.

Drill, baby, drill!!!!!!!!!!


* - In this case, the word obtain is being used as a synonym for fabricate.

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