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Listen to “The Lost Ogle Show” tonight on The Spy…

Without a doubt, Sunday nights are the worst night the week.   They are just depressing.   The weekend is coming to a close, Monday morning is only a night's sleep away, and you still may be slightly hung-over.  Now, however, we have something that can make Sunday night seem slightly less"”or possibly more"”depressing.  It's called The Lost Ogle Show.

Yes, after a brief hiatus, we are making our return to the Oklahoma City airwaves.  The first episode of The Lost Ogle Show is tonight from 7:00pm "“ 9:00pm on Oklahoma City's best radio station 105.3 The Spy.  If you don't get a good reception or live out of town, you can listen online at

The format of The Lost Ogle Show will be similar to the now defunct Lost Years with The Lost Ogle.   We'll play some good indie music, talk about news and politics, and make bad jokes about Chad's (lack of) a love life.  That being said, there are some differences.  The Lost Ogle Show airs monthly, lasts two amazing hours, and now we get to play any song we want instead of focusing on music from the time the Spy was off the air.

Anyway, on tonight's episode we have some special guests, have a cool announcement, and Clark Matthews will report live on assignment from Beaver.  If you get a chance, please listen.  And if you do, try to make sure you're kind of drunk.

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